GLADKING Small Mini Salon Round Roller Hair Brush/ Hair StylingComb For Bangs, Lifting and Curling

  • ₱200.00
Tax included.

Does not damage the hair:The roller mini comb can effectively protect the hair, reduce the oil on the scalp, reduce hair frizz, and protect the hair quality. 

Quality:The handle of the Roller mini comb is smooth. The curved design fits the feel. The comb is very light and very convenient to carry. It can be placed in the bag to massage your scalp and comb your hair at any time. 

Easy to use:The comb is hard and can better grasp the hair. It uses standard spacing and spiral design, which can better grasp the hair. It can style the hair more quickly. It is very convenient to use when cutting and dyeing hair. 

For curly hair styling:When the hair is half-dry after washing, you can use a Round Hair Brush to curl up the ends of the hair, use a hair dryer to heat and dry it to set the shape, and quickly have natural curls.

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